Intel X25-M Replacement

I got my replacement X25-M from Intel the other week. My first generation X-25 burned out after about 9 months of use. I had re-imaged it several times when swapping it into different computers, which probably didn’t help keep it alive. I was really excited to see Intel replaced it with a X25-M G2 which has TRIM support. But I’m pretty sure OS X doesn’t have TRIM support, so really not sure what the point is.

Oh, I put the replacement X25-M in my quad core Mac Pro 2.66 Nehalem. I had a 640 GB Western Digital as the boot drive before this, which is a really speedy 2 platter drive, but the SSD is amazing in this machine. There were a few times when the old machine paused for a second or two (opening terminal, photoshop, etc), and with the SSD everything opens immediately. I’m keeping good backups though, because I’ve learned that SSDs aren’t necessarily reliable.

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