BlackRapid R-Strap: Great for blueberry picking too

My wife and I love the R-Strap for shooting weddings. They’re very comfortable camera straps, allowing us to move around easily, while always keeping the cameras close at hand. As far as we’re concerned, these are the best straps out there.

Today at the blueberry farm, we discovered another way in which the R-Strap enhances our lives. To pick blueberries efficiently, you have to use both hands, and your bucket must be close within reach. One might suggest tying a rope to the bucket and fastening it around your neck, but this is not comfy, especially when your bucket gets heavy. Enter the R-Strap: perfect solution.

blueberry picking with the R-Strap RS-W1

these are blueberries


extra hand holds the frosty beverage

iPhone 4 has pretty decent macro capabilities

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