About Jono

JonoTech is the creative outlet of Jonathan King. That’s me. I’m a software engineer and technology maven. I’m interested in a wide range of programming activities. For my day job I primarily use Microsoft technologies, and spend most of my time working with C#. I build and maintain web applications, manage IIS servers, and spend a lot of time working with SQL Server.

Outside of my 8 to 5 I enjoy working on various side projects. Most recently I’ve been working on BlackRapid Inc, it’s a startup company that designs camera straps here in Fremont, Washington. I’m in charge of the website which has grown through several redesigns and is currently visited by about 100,000 users per month.

Before that I spent a few years working on a network of wedding websites where my goal was to create a self-service advertising system. The vendors signed up for accounts and then could purchase advertising, checkout with Paypal, and manage their content. I built the system entirely from scratch using a standard LAMP stack. It featured a custom built Active Record pattern for database access, custom caching system, and image resize and upload to Amazon S3.

Another business venture of mine is wedding photography. After getting married in 2003 I started training with another photographer in Seattle, and before long created my own company. To date I’ve photographed close to 100 weddings and have been featured in regional publications. My website is SeattleDigitalWedding.com.

Outside of work I spend the majority of my free time with my wife and two little boys.

Random Trivia about Jono:

  • During college I studied computer science and was a varsity athlete on the crew team. I got up for practice at 4:30 a.m. On several occasions I stayed up all night coding and then went straight to practice.
  • I’m an Eagle Scout.
  • My first job was washing dishes at McMenamins. After a few months I was invited to work in the kitchen and learned how to cook.
  • Likes/interests: mountain biking, hiking, rowing, scuba diving, boating, espresso, baking, cooking, photographing people, blogging.