Macap M4 vs Mazzer Mini

The Macap M4 is a better choice for most home users that just want an espresso grinder. The Macap M4 doser is considerably neater than the Mazzer’s.

Mazzer Mini (left) vs Macap M4 Stepless (right)

The Grind:
From a grind perspective these are both very good home espresso grinders and they use a similar grinding mechanism. It’s very difficult to notice any perceptible difference in the cup. So for our purposes it’s everything besides the grind that matters.

Why you might want a Mazzer:
– It’s very fast to switch from espresso grind to french press. Grab the pin and turn the top.
– It’s a Mazzer.
– It’s easier to see the reference numbers on the grind adjustment mechanism.

Why you might want a Macap M4 Stepless
– The doser is far neater. There is less distance between the doser and the handle holder, this makes it easier to keep all the coffee going in the handle.
– It’s easier to make micro-adjustments to the grind. If you just want an espresso grinder this is great.
– The cord comes out of the bottom of the machine. Many users report this as a huge feature vs the more commercial design of the Mazzer.
– It’s a few dollars cheaper if you’re buying brand new.

The Macap (right) is a little flashier.

Mazzer has a timer switch.

The Macap has regular on/off switch.

Mazzer doser handle.

Macap doser handle.

Macap doser chamber.

Mazzer doser chamber.

Mazzer doser bottom.

Macap doser bottom.

Mazzer, Macap M4, and Quickmill Alexia

Macap doser (notice less distance between handle and doser).

Mazzer doser with handle. The extra space gives the falling coffee more opportunity to miss the handle.

Mazzer (left) vs Macap M4 (right)