Bad Decision: Alaska Air To Stop Serving Jones Soda

I’m very disappointed in you Alaska. Your recent decision to stop serving Jones Soda is a big mistake. You were an innovator. You were doing the right thing. Now you’re just like all the other airlines. Serving crappy high fructose corn syrup soda, charging for bags, and doing whatever you can to save a dollar.

I’ve been a loyal Alaska flier for years. Part of the reason I choose your airline is because you’ve been a good northwest company. I like that you we’re supporting Jones Soda. I like that you serve microbrews on Horizon. I like that I used to be able to get a $50 companion fare with my Bank Of America Visa (now you’ve jacked the companion fare up to $100). I even gave you the benefit of the doubt when your maintenance department messed up and 83 people died on flight 261. But it might be time to find a new airline. I think Virgin might be a good replacement.

For anyone not familiar with Jones Soda, it’s a naturally made soda and they give a damn about the environment.

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