Coffee Coffee Coffee

Always on the brain, literally.

Seattle Coffee Guide: The Independent Shops Great list of independently owned coffee shops in Seattle, WA.

Coffee Capitalism An oldie, but a great read. I never realized Ladro means thief in Italian. Very clever.

What the Locals Order Tom Douglas: Espresso Roast, really is that the best you can do? I would expect a chef to try new food/coffee/wine/etc on a semi-regular basis.

Coffee Fest Got your tickets yet? I got mine in the mail yesterday.

Roaste Cool site. You can order two bags and get free shipping. Would be even cooler if Intelligentsia sold their beans on Roaste.

The best coffee in the US for 85% less than a Starbucks Latte Exactly what I always try to explain to people.

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2 Responses to Coffee Coffee Coffee

  1. Andrew says:

    How about a review of Vancouver area coffee shops?

  2. Jono says:

    I haven’t been to Vancouver in years. 49th Parallel is up there though.

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