Apple’s Product Pipeline has Constipation

Apple, listen up. These product release delays are getting silly. The new MacBook Pros should have been released a long time ago. Meanwhile the Mac Pro is getting stale. People don’t even buy Mac Pros anymore because the faster/cheaper i7 iMac is available. I thought you had a friends-with-benefits relationship with intel? Where’s the love?

A Mac mini with HDMI would be sweeeeet! But it kind of seems like you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Why would I buy an Apple TV if I can get a Mac mini with HDMI? Evidently the Apple TV is just a side project anyway and adding DVR functionality to it would be stupid, because then everyone that has a TiVo could be your new customers. Retarded apple execs. Of course adding a DVR to Apple TV would be a good idea.

So let’s get this clog in your product pipeline worked out. The Olympics are over. There is nothing good on TV. Release some damn products!

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