Progressive Insurance Rocks!

Last night I accidentally left the inside lights on in my Honda Odyssey. Oops. This morning as my wife was headed to story time at the library she discovered the resulting dead battery. Sorry honey. So I called up Progressive because I pay the extra $7 to get the roadside assistance. I had a person on the phone within 30 seconds, and we had less than a 2 minute conversation. Literally less than 5 minutes later a tow truck pulled up at the house to jump start the car. That is some damn speedy service.

insert roadside_assistance (name, type, description) values ('Jono', 'jump start', 'Left the lights on, car is parked in the garage, please jump start ASAP');

Update: Okay I misunderstood. The tow truck didn’t show up within 5 minutes, but the tow truck driver called within 5 minutes. Apparently the driver’s GPS couldn’t find our house. But Google Maps can find our house, don’t you have an iPhone? Perhaps Progressive should use an incentive based system where the tow trucks get an extra bonus if they arrive on scene within say 15 minutes.

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