Apple Ready to Release New Mac Pro and/or MacBook Pro

Any day now we should be seeing a replacement Mac Pro based upon one of the new Intel processors. At the same we’re long overdue for a MacBook Pro update. It’s possible both products could be released together, in kind of a show of force by Apple. Or we may see one or other. It’s a little weird because normally Apple gets to use the latest Intel processors before they’re widely available to other system builders. Yet we’re running out of time and Apple may get the processors at the same time everyone else gets them. I think the Apple-Intel honeymoon might be about over.

The only thing that might screw up the Mac Pro/MacBook Pro updates is the damned iPad. I can see Steve not wanting to steal the iPad spotlight, and delaying the Mac Pro/MacBook Pro release dates. Steve that would be dumb. Don’t do that shit.

The Mac Pro update was first reported here.

The MacBook Pro update was noted here.

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