Microsoft kills Bing cashback

Microsoft I’m very disappointed in you. I’ll no longer be getting my Jellyfish/Bing cashback rebates because you’ve decided to cancel the program. I sort of understand your motives. You spent 50 million to buy Jellyfish in the first place and Bing Cashback has to be break-even at best. If it brought more people to your search engine then break-even might be tolerable.

The reality is Bing Cashback was for technophiles that know how to beat the system. Right before we make ANY online purchase we ALWAYS check Bing cashback, just to make sure we can’t save a few bucks. In case it wasn’t clear, Bing cashback is not where we shop, or where we discover the products. It’s just where we go to save a few bucks when we’re ready to whip out our credit cards. And I suspect this usage pattern is one of the reasons you’ve decided to close the doors.

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